Dog Grooming

Why does my dog need a Certified Professional groomer?

As a Certified  Master Professional Groomer I have an awesome responsibility to the humane and safe handling and treatment of all pets in my care.  The care and safety of the pets in my care is my passion.  As a member of International Professional Groomers, Inc, I am proudly apart of an elite group of groomers looking to increase my  knowledge and professional status.  Professional groomers who handle the animals in their care in a safe and professional manner, with style and compassion.  With this Certification program the bar is raised by a set of grooming industry standards for safety, health, sanitation and professional ethics. Pet safety is the guiding passion.                                                                                       

All dogs regardless of breed or coat type benefit from Professional Grooming on a regular basis.   The Skin and coat of every breed is healthier when regularly maintained.  Shedding, matting, skin issues and dander can be reduced making everyone feel happier.